Virtual Event 

Mapping The Future Of Land Administration
& CSDILA's 20 Years Celebration Event

20 - 23 September 2021 | Virtual

About the Event

This year the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration is celebrating 20 years of world-class research and training at the University of Melbourne. To commemorate this milestone, CSDILA will be holding a major event comprising a number of events in the 3rd week of September (20-23), including 2 intensive trainings, a conference in collaboration with FIG Commission 7, and a Strategic Forum to set the future agenda, and celebration event. Industry, government, and academics are all invited to register their interest in these events, either as guests, presenters, or both.


Mon, Sep 20

10 AM (AEST) - 12 PM (AEST) | Session 1: Asia-Pacific Time Zone


• Assoc. Prof. Mohsen Kalantari (Co-chair FIG Commission 2)


• Dr. Daniel Paez (Chair FIG Commission 7)


• Ms. Melissa Harris

Transforming Victoria’s Land Administration: Past, Present and Emerging


• Presentation 1 – Mr. Tony Burns

Do We Need to Change the Way Land Administration Reform Projects Are Designed

• Presentation 2 – Ms. Jamie Leach

Digitisation of Land Administration Data

• Presentation 3 – A/Prof. Rohan Bennett

Land Administration Trends and Trials – in Twenty-twenty-one


Emerging Researchers 

• Presentation 1 – Mr. Ali Asghari

3D Spatial Data Validation

• Presentation 2 – Ms. Atie Asadikia

Prioritisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Tue, Sep 21

5 PM (AEST) - 7 PM (AEST) | Session 2: Europe and Africa Time Zones


• Prof. Abbas Rajabifard (Director, CSDILA)


• Prof. Rudolf Staiger (FIG President)


• Dr. Mika-Petteri Torhonen

Land Administration Trends in Asia; Relevance to the Climate Change

• Dr. Wael Zakout

Global Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Land Administration Reforms


• Presentation 1 – Dr. Daniel Steudler

European Developments in Advancement of Land Administration

• Presentation 2 – Prof. Chryssy Potsiou

Inclusivity in Future Land Administration Systems

• Presentation 3 – Prof. Hartmut Müller

Emerging Trends in Spatial Information Management


Emerging Researchers 

• Presentation 1 – Ms. Jihye Shin

BIM-based Assessment of Building Subdivision to Minimize Property Disputes

• Presentation 2 – Ms. Zahra Assakhaniki

Land and Community Resilience in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Wed, Sep 22

8 AM (AEST) - 10 AM (AEST) | Session 3: Americas Time Zone 

Welcome and Chair

• Assoc. Prof. Rohan Bennett (Incoming Chair FIG Commission 7)


• Prof. Abbas Rajabifard (Director CSDILA)

Digital Twin - A New Era in Modernisation of Land Administration Systems

• Mr. Craig Sandy (Surveyor-General of Victoria & Chair - ICSM)

ICSM@Work and update on collaboration in Australia and New Zealand


• Presentation 1 – Dr. Daniel Roberge

 The Future of Land Administration Starts Now

• Presentation 3 – Dr. Kate Rickersey

Matching Market Demands with Tenure Security

• Presentation 4 – Asst. Prof. Kirsikka Riekkinen

Towards Unlocking the Potential of Digitalization in Public Decision Making – From 2D to 3D

Emerging Researchers 

• Presentation 1 – Ms. Maryam Barzegar

Spatial Query and Analysis for 3D Urban Land Administration

• Presentation 2 – Mr. Bahram Saeidian

3D Data Modelling for Underground Land Administration

• Presentation 3 – Ms. Fatemeh Jahani

Worldwide Approach of Improving Land Resilience and Land Records

Closing Remarks

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard

Thu, Sep 23

9:30 AM (AEST) - 12:30 PM (AEST) | CSDILA High Level Forum

By Invitation Only

12:30 PM (AEST) - 3 PM (AEST) | CSDILA's 20 Years Celebration

FIG Commission 2 and 7 Annual Meetings:


4 PM (AEST) - 7 PM (AEST) | FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting Session

Download full agenda for the FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2021 here

4 PM (AEST) - 6 PM (AEST) | FIG Commission 2 Annual Meeting Session

Download full agenda for the FIG Commission 2 Annual Meeting 2021 here